Tim Echols – Founder

Georgia Public Service Commissioner

Georgia Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols founded the Alternative Fuel Vehicle RoadshowTM in 2011. Originally conceived as a round-table of experts gathered to discuss the challenges of integrating new alternative fuel technologies into fleets for government, transportation and business, the Roadshow evolved into a statewide series of energy seminars and ride and drive opportunities for all professionals and government leaders.

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Joy Kramer – Producer

Event Energy Partners LLC

PR and Marketing professional, Joy Kramer introduced the concept of travelling to multiple cities and states to produce alternative fuel events.  Recognizing the time and budgetary challenges faced by all business professionals and leaders, she surmised that it would be easier to bring the introductory information to the user’s doorstep, rather than have them travel hundreds of miles to attend a large convention. 

Alternative Fuel Event Sponsors

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